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The design of the main pump piston pump bp 11 In the next naparpate lipiineacilld Ulit domestic modern piston llacocon, positively recommending “x yourself” and ships or have the perspective of using you Fig. 9. shows the design of the ENP – 7 pump with a drive from moth of koleichatoo shaft. Mark “asosa” means: electrically driven. II- “acoc. II – nopillileon. 7 – model number The pump ENP – 7 is designed for pumping seawater 11 petroleum products with a temperature of up to 100 C. and benzo” and with a temperature of up to 25 ° C. Specialized factories This pump is equipped with a DC / DC drive. AC electric motor with a diesel engine heat engine. Mark ENP.7 corresponds to a pump with an electric motor, – constantly ° current The pump consists of two main parts – hydraulic n at. water 11 “composite welded frame 113 sheets of steel. Upper 6 lUMIIX1! ЯЯ, tl  1 t pas! s bolted. Gil. Equal part of the pump consists of a cast iron, that cylinder block 2. Four suck! Cich 12 and four 11arnerarenlllax 11, annular valves. I12 cords 2 “insert sleeves 3, cast 113 bronze Clasp 13 and its parts 113rorann’11 cast iron are used – if the pump is intended for pumping oil, 11li from brass appointed for pumping water. Accordingly, from PCB or izbonite, piston rings are heated. Between the cylinders “2 there is a chamber! kol pack 5 Steel connecting rod 8 with cast iron slider 9, in the lower part of which ro rotates the rod 4, fixed wedge 10. Slider moves along the cast iron guide) 7. 7. attached to the back wall the top of the frame The inlet of the pump is located at the front, and two of the sides of the pump unit. One of the injection ports is to install a valve oro fuse that allows the fluid to pass into the hinapa suction cavity (if the pressure on the cylinder exceeds the operating pressure Aviation by 10% “l. 111 by the amount specified in 111 | of the factory of the manufacturer. The electric power is transferred from the electric motor through the 9th elastic. technical operation of shipboard nenos, ora rent,” tax mechanisms and equipment M., “Transport”, 1965 .



a reducer (with spur gear helical gears) to the drive shaft of the pump. The drive crankshaft and gearbox receive lubrication from the oil distribution box, and which is pumped from the tank through a filter with a gear pump. mounted on the gear housing. If the pump is used to pump gasoline or other essential oil products, then hydraulic cylinders are supplied, special glands and armor must be attached to the pump tool.

Technical characteristics of the pump Capacity, m3 / h for at up to 30 ° C. . for heavy oil products for light oil products (gasoline 78 68. 55 50 others). Suction height, .M 800. cn! .. water at t up to 30 ° C 4 3.5 gasoline at t up to 28 ° C. . . .180 200 Bore Stroke, MA! crankshaft revolutions per minute. The rotation speed of the electric motor PN – 145, rev / min. . . . I Motor power, PN – 145 K6T cylinder, .M.M. . . . . 20.