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Classification of pumps by purpose

Classification of pumps by purpose.A pump is a mechanism designed to move a fluid that converts the mechanical energy of an engine into the energy of a fluid flow moving through pipelines. The pump is the most common auxiliary mechanism on ships.With a wide variety of pumps construction on the vessels, their purpose remains constant-the…
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Location of the power plant on the ship

Location of the power plant on the ship.Concepts about the power plant.The power plant is a complex of mechanisms, heat exchangers, devices and pipelines that ensure the movement of the vessel, its auxiliary needs ,as well as household needs of the team and passengers.The auxiliary needs of the vessel include: supply of steam and electricity…
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Features of classification of ships

Features of classification of ships.The ship is a complex engineering structure that can be held on the water and move in a certain direction at a certain speed. The structure of the vessel as an engineering structure is determined by the design of its hull and rational placement of various mechanisms, equipment and cargo, as…
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