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Technology trends in shipping to watch out for in 2019

Industry momentum towards a new era of super-high efficiency, safety and environmental sustainability, is showing no signs of slowing down. Here we take a look at some of the technology trends that we are likely to hear a lot more about in the year ahead. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Early signs suggest that developments in Artificial…
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Submarine “Afalina”. Building a hydrofoil boat

The hydrofoil “Afalina” is intended for walks and short (one or two days) trips on the big rivers and reaches where the probability of a meeting with the developed excitement is high. With the outboard motor capacity of 20-30 HP the boat can be used as a towing water skier for practicing elements of figure…
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Oil gear pump

Oil gear pump.Gear pumps with small dimensions , uniform oil supply , long service life and high reliability are the most widely used for low-pressure oil circulation system . These pumps can be driven directly from the motor ( non-reversible motors ) or independently driven by an electric motor ( reversible motors ) . In…
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Boot device

Arrows are the most famous cargo vehicle on ships . Principles of classification of different arrows . So, in domestic shipbuilding distinguish arrows light and heavy . In the Rules of English Lloyd arrows are divided into three groups : small , medium and large capacity . There are other principles of division, but in…
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A steam engine is a heat engine of external combustion that converts the energy of water vapor into mechanical work of reciprocating piston motion, and then into rotational motion of the shaft. In a broader sense, a  engine is any external combustion engine that converts  energy into mechanical work. The first  engine built in the…
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Fuel pump

Fuel pump. The purpose of the fuel pump is to supply a certain amount of fuel under high pressure through the nozzle to the combustion chamber of the working cylinder . At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the constancy of the amount of fuel supplied for a certain duration and the established…
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Rotary engine

Rotary engine.By the nature of the working fluid used, rotary engines can be divided into flood, wind, steam,hydrocarbon fuel, external and internal combustion. Of these, the main should be considered water, steam and internal combustion engines. The utilization of these dvigatele historically sovpadala with defined production methods. At all stages of the development of pre-capitalist…
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Stoppers for anchor chains and anchors

Stoppers for anchor chains and anchors.For attaching the anchor chain during the stay of the ship at anchor and the temporary detention of the anchor chain when handling the camera is mounted stationary and portable stoppers. Stationary Stoppers they are used temporarily to detain the anchor chain when working with it.They are installed between the anchor…
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