Ship mechanics, interesting articles


Signs of ship classification A ship is a complex engineering structure capable of staying steadily on the water and moving in a given direction at a certain speed. “The design of a ship as an engineering structure is determined by the design of the ero hull and the rational placement within it of various mechanisms,…
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Classification of rudders.Geometric characteristics of the rudders.

Steering classification.geometrical characteristics of the rudders . The rudders are classified according to the following features: the location of the axis of the puller according to the width (chord) of the rudder; -the method of mounting the steering wheel; the shape of the steering profile On the first sign distinguish unbalanced, semi-balance. cilpille il balancing…
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Active steering by the courts

Types and features of active control of vessels When maneuvering in a restricted area or navigating areas with navigational hazards, the requirements to the maneuverability of the ship substantially increase, while in these conditions the ship’s speed usually decreases and, accordingly, the efficiency of the rudder falls sharply. The ship’s controllability deteriorates with a decrease…
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Ship heating

Ship heating systems can be steam, water, air and electric, and modern marine vessels are widely used in air conditioning systems. There are a hundred ships on the sea. as well as on small ships of coastal inland navigation, where the use of air conditioning systems is not always economically justified, it uses arched and…
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Steam and gas extinguishing systems

      Head carbon dioxide cylinder with a double-seat valve,pilot piston and driven by a rope or roller 1-Safety membrane; 2-Coupling, connecting; 3-The piston signal; 4-Fitting for connection of safety pipeline; 5-Head body; 6-Trigger arm; 7-Push screw; 8-Valve body; 9-Guide bushing; 10-Swing arm; 11-The double-seat valve.  

Ship sanitary systems and special systems of tankers

Sanitary systems The seawater system, like the drinking and wash water system, is a domestic water supply system. Zabortnaya.tota is used for water irrigation, washing of toilet bowls, etc. Due to the aggressiveness of sea water, the pipelines of the system, diameters of which are 10-70 mm, are made of steel ovniki, copper, copper nickel,…
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Ship propulsion and their design

Ship propulsion and their design.Devices designed to create persistent pressure are perceived by the vessel, and are the root of the movement, are called propellers. There are propulsors of the evil species: lobed wheels, wing propellers, rpc6 screws, d. The propeller is a disk equipped with three or four vertical swivel blades located horizontally under…
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Main parts of crank mechanisms

Main parts of crank mechanisms.Krivoshinu – a nut-gear mechanism serves to convert the reciprocating motion of the piston into a rotary motion. Crankshaft and piogo shaft (in steam engines or in internal crane engines). In machines such as piston pumps, compressors, the crank-and-rod mechanism serves to convert the rotational motion of the crank shaft into…
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Anchor mechanisms

Anchor mechanisms.The following anchor mechanisms are used on sea vessels: anchors (half-brushes) anchor or anchor. mooring spiers and anchor – mooring winches. The anchor mechanisms serve to release the anchor and the anchor chain when the ship is anchored; anchoring the anchorage during anchorage; Anchoring – pulling the ship to the anchor, selecting the chain…
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