The concept of aggregation of marine equipment mechanisms

The concept of aggregation of marine equipment

The concept of aggregation of marine equipment. Regarding the creation of such equipment structures, when mechanisms, apparatus and devices that work together and are closely interconnected according to the nature of their operation, are assembled into one equipment and mounted on a common base frame or frame. The main condition for aggregation is high shop […]

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Medium pressure steam turbine Categorized

Prospects of development of gas turbine

Prospects of development of gas turbine. Significant! The advantages of gas turbine engines (GTE) in front of other types of main ship machinery contribute to their gradual introduction into shipbuilding. At present, the tallest ships in operation are the vessels for horse-drawn transport, equipped with a gas turbine engine with a capacity of 40,000 60,000 […]

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The main types of steering Ship rudders

Steering and thruster

Steering and thruster.Previously it was stated that the main means for controlling the ship’s handling is the steering device (see 5). The steering gear includes: a wheel with a tail, a steering gear and a steering gear. Types of rudders, rudders used on ships can be classified. Three signs: on the shape of the profile, […]

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The main turbo-toothed unit, its composition and design Deck machinery

The main turbo-toothed unit, its composition and design

The main turbo-toothed unit, its composition and design.Main turbo gear unit (GTZA) prev. It is a main marine engine operating on a conduit consisting of several turbines (steam or gas), gear train, raaBIoro condenser (for steam turbines) 11 main thrust bearing, which is usually embedded in gear case and fig. 164 is schematically depicted. The […]

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shipping Ship devices


Signs of ship classification A ship is a complex engineering structure capable of staying steadily on the water and moving in a given direction at a certain speed. “The design of a ship as an engineering structure is determined by the design of the ero hull and the rational placement within it of various mechanisms, […]

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Active steering by the courts

Types and features of active control of vessels When maneuvering in a restricted area or navigating areas with navigational hazards, the requirements to the maneuverability of the ship substantially increase, while in these conditions the ship’s speed usually decreases and, accordingly, the efficiency of the rudder falls sharply. The ship’s controllability deteriorates with a decrease […]

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Ship devices

Ship heating

Ship heating systems can be steam, water, air and electric, and modern marine vessels are widely used in air conditioning systems. There are a hundred ships on the sea. as well as on small ships of coastal inland navigation, where the use of air conditioning systems is not always economically justified, it uses arched and […]

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