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A modern gold rush

Baltic Exchange US representative, Paul Mazzarulli, sits down with MarineTraffic blog to discuss all things oil and gas coming in, and now, going out of the Gulf of Mexico Prior to Barack Obama’s Presidency it was unthinkable that the US would have considered exporting oil. It was actually illegal until Obama’s second term for the…
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Lobstermen Go Racing

There’s a horsepower war that happens off the coast of Maine. I entered. First place: a bucket of bait. When you ask a Maine lobster-boat racer what kind of horsepower he’s running, the first answer will always be a dutiful recitation of the factory specification, usually delivered with a smirk. Ask again, and the second…
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This Robotic Ship Could Become a Marine’s Lifeline

The Sea Hunter is a fully robotic ship, which makes it perfect for high-risk missions at sea. The U.S. Navy’s ambitious push into unmanned ships may have a new mission: ferrying critically-needed supplies through hostile waters. The Navy believes its new Sea Hunter unmanned ship, and others like it, could be used to transport supplies…
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The Wild Conspiracy That the Titanic Never Sank

The theory goes that one gigantic boat was swapped for another for insurance money, but it doesn’t quite hold up

The Last American Transatlantic Slave Ship Has Been Found

A long search has finally led to the Clotilda, which landed in Alabama in 1860. The remains of the last ship known to bring enslaved people from Africa to the United States, a schooner named Clotilda, has been discovered off the banks of Mobile, Alabama. The wreck was abandoned in 1860 after illegally transporting 110 people…
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Vessel Finds French Submarine That’s Been Lost for 50 Years

The deep sea exploration vessel Seabed Constructor discovered another missing submarine, its second in less than a year. The civilian vessel found the remains of the French attack submarine Minerve just eight months after its discovery of the wreck of the Argentine submarine San Juan. The ship uses a combination of remotely operated sea vehicles and onboard sensors to map…
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11 Things Your Car Is Trying to Tell You

High-school language classes, online courses, and foreign immersion programs might teach you how to say, “pass the trousers,” in Italian, but none of them can teach you one crucial language: Car. On any given day, your car might decide to speak to you, and not in the manner of those old Chrysler New Yorkers from the 80s.…
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This ‘Big Red Ball’ Can Replicate Solar Winds on Earth

The sun is the most powerful source of energy in the solar system, and the solar winds that escape its gravity affect just about everybody they can reach. On and around Earth, solar winds interfere with satellites, create auroras, and power solar sails in orbit. But there’s still a lot we don’t know about them, like how these…
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Lightship 95

.. Pray for those who were on the ships, and Ended their trip on the sand, in the mouth of the sea Or in the dark throat which will not reject them Or where the sound of the sea bell cannot reach them Eternal angel. T. S. Eliot (Dry Recovery) Lightship 95 провел большую часть…
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Improving your sailing experience with the MarineTraffic app

With the sailing season at its peak, here’s how our application helps you sail easier, smarter and safer across the seas   Sailing is all about exploring and creating memories. Starting fresh adventures, seeing new places, staring at the endless blue of the sea and having fun.  However, without any proper equipment in place, sailing…
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