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Marinetraffic app

With the sailing season at its peak, here’s how our application helps you sail easier, smarter and safer across the seas Marinetraffic app. Sailing is all about exploring and creating memories. Starting fresh adventures, seeing new places, staring at the endless blue of the sea and having fun. However, without any proper equipment in place, sailing can also be challenging sometimes. Sailors need to keep up with critical events while onboard, plan everything while keeping track of the route.

To make the sailing experience easier, we’ve designed an innovative mobile application and some cool in-apps to help sailors navigate better in the comfort of their own mobile device. 


The MarineTraffic mobile app is your go-to guide when sailing. It allows you to get detailed information on routes, ports, vessels and much more, on the go. You can seamlessly track the position of your boat or identify other boats in the area, exactly the way one can navigate through the MarineTraffic platform.With the MarineTraffic app, you can benefit from the largest network of land-based AIS receivers of MarineTraffic, covering most major ports and shipping routes. Did you know that over 200,000 vessels per day report their positions via MarineTraffic AIS?

Even if you are sailing in remote areas, you can use satellite tracking to identify and track vessels sailing beyond the range of the coastal AIS receiving stations. With ACCESS PLUS 24 (in-app purchase), you can benefit from the most comprehensive coverage and always receive accurate and updated positions, right from your device.

Weather conditions can change instantly so, it is really important to have quick access to weather forecasts whenever is needed. Our advanced On Course in-app (available on the App Store and on Google Play), provides detailed Weather Maps along with useful Nautical Charts so you can easily be aware of the sea and wind conditions and seamlessly plan and monitor your voyage. ROUTE PLANNER tool enables you to measure the distance to the destination and get access to the optimal forecast of the route and accurate ETA. 

Of course, sailing is also fun and our Augmented and Virtual Reality tools are built to help you get the most out of your experience. Just point your device’s camera to the horizon and get all the information you need about vessels, ports and lighthouses in your area. Our Augmented Reality tool (in-app purchase) helps you stay aware of the vessels around you at a glance while putting the Virtual Reality glasses on, will take this experience to a whole new level. 

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