Lifeboat on the ship

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A sliding gravity Davit

The structure of the boat device includes tackle (knight) equipment for fastening boats, davits of various designs and boat winch lifeboat  ship.The lashings are called gear designed !! for reliably mounting the clap on deck keel blocks and completely eliminating boat movements caused by swaying, vessel or other reasons!

Fixing the boat with the help of knight
The lash must necessarily include connections that quickly release the boat: the verb is one way or another detachable device, and in addition, screw and cable lanyards for picking up the slack shows the boat anchorage on deck using lashings. Davits polo is used on ships come in various designs, but they can be divided into three main types of procedures company (or radial), collapsing games.

Lifeboat on the ship

Lifeboat on the ship
Collapsible davits is used for lifeboats with a weight of no more than 2300 Kg passengers and dry cargo vessels of any size and on oil ships of medium displacement. If there are such davits, the boats are fixed both on deck keel blocks and without them . To descend the ulmon , boom water from the sloop – beam falls overboard, turning them around – tal axis !

Lifeboat on the ship

The last ship


The main advantage of such davits is the ability to automatically fall out overboard after clearing mounts under the action of only gravity without the expense of muscular or mechanical energy.

Have fun! rolling gravity davits arrow moves along the bed guides on the rollers while changing its departure and dumping the boat. Folding, or articulated gravitational sloop beams provide dumping chlopaki due to the rotation around the axis of the hinge located deck there are one- and two-hinged reclining davits the type of hinged davits is a sliding davit-beam .

Boat winches are no different in design from mooring or towing winches only much smaller in size. According to the type of drive the boat winches are manual and mechanical. 

Without motor breakers there are two cable drums onto which the davits of the davits ! 

For boat drive winches, as a rule, an electric drive (less often hydraulic) is used. Usually each pair went !! the beams are serviced by one winch, the cable drum is divided into two parts. For mechanically-driven winches, redundant and auxiliary manual drives are required.