Construction of anchor-mooring and mooring winches

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Construction of anchor-mooring and mooring winches

Construction of anchor-mooring and mooring winches

Construction of anchor-mooring and mooring winches.The design of anchor-mooring and mooring winches anchor-mooring winches are installed instead of braille spiers on new floating cranes. An anchor winch makes it possible to eliminate manual labor when selecting a mooring line, to exclude the installation of a mooring line, the manual laying of the mooring rope and to shorten the time spent on performing mooring operations.With regard to the performance of anchor operations, the winch is not advantageous in comparison with the windlass, the mooring winches are designed to perform only mooring operations and the winch is installed on many new transports, Fig. 93 shows the anchor-mooring of an anchor weighing 1,500 kg for a casting purpose a 40 mm in diameter and for operations with a steel atom of 26 mm in diameter, 125 in length on floating cranes and domestic with a payload capacity of 50 tons. The winch consists of the foundation of a welded structure, on which the reducers, motors, racks, control post and cable rope.

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The winch provides an average speed of lifting the anchor of the calculated depth of the anchor stand of at least 10 atAtur. Nominal layer toe pulling force on the mooring drum f on the upper avinka) 5000 kgf. Tractive force on the turret 7500 The speed of rope picking at the nominal traction force of about 16 l / min, unloaded rope 24-30 m / min. with electrical equipment 6700 kg. Moshia Electro All winches of the roller of an alternating current (380 V) 15 Cat mooring winches are divided into ordinary (simple) and automatic according to the principle of operation. The first is intended only for pulling the vessel during the pallet (later the vessel is held by it’s ropes). This execution of the mooring device is inconvenient because during the parking the court on the ropes undergo alternating tension, therefore the watchman is constantly monitoring the tension, to choose or the personnel must cut the cable. Automatic winches provide not only pulling up the vessel, but also keeping it with a constant preset tension of the cable line. The automatic control of the winch ensures the selection of the cable and the picking of it. Automatic mooring winches have been increasingly used in recent years on ships, especially tankers. The application of such. Winches reduces the time of mooring operations to ensure automatic retention of vessels from the adjacent structures. The results of tests carried out by MIMO on Slusichanskoy type tankers show that the use of automatic mooring winches reduces labor costs by 2-3 times and allows to reduce by half the number of people working with one mooring end of the winch under the drive automatic mooring electric. the genus is divided into: steam, electrohydraulic and chemical. The latter, according to the principle of the automatic device, are divided into two types: with a weighing device and operating on the principle of eliminating the moments arising from the side of the welded engine. On the marine fleet electric rope and ships automatic mooring winches are used both first and second type.



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