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Marine pumps and their classification

Marine pumps and their classification.Ship pumps are designed to ensure the normal operation of the main machines to meet general ship needs. When pumps are used, liquids or gas media are transported through pipelines inside the vessel, their are received overboard to ship or removed overboard. All pumps used on ships can be classified according…
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The constructive scheme of the reversible and the reverse-gear clutches

The constructive scheme of the reversible and the reverse-gear clutches. Constructive reverse reversing – gear sleeves rotary engines with a speed of about 1500 rpm (engine RC – 19 has n 1525 rpm) can be installed on ships with underwater wings without a gearbox with one reversing muff The first towing wheeled vessel with A…
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Signs of ship classification A ship is a complex engineering structure capable of staying steadily on the water and moving in a given direction at a certain speed. “The design of a ship as an engineering structure is determined by the design of the ero hull and the rational placement within it of various mechanisms,…
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Ship heating

Ship heating systems can be steam, water, air and electric, and modern marine vessels are widely used in air conditioning systems. There are a hundred ships on the sea. as well as on small ships of coastal inland navigation, where the use of air conditioning systems is not always economically justified, it uses arched and…
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Purpose and device of hydraulic drive

Purpose and device of hydraulic drive.hydraulic drive “, a system of interrelated mechanisms is designated to create fluid pressure and transfer it to the piston of a working cylinder. Hydraulic drives are widely used in grinding, broaching, longitudinal and other types of metal cutting machines for making feed motion Cutting tools The advantages of ri1drive…
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Ship refrigeration units

Ship refrigeration units.Refrigeration (or refrigeration) means installations intended for artificial lowering. the temperature of the room for the purpose of preserving or freezing perishable products, preparing ice and air conditioning. Various liquids and ra3y are used as refrigerants in refrigerating plants, capable of boiling at low temperatures with decreasing pressure: ammonia, Freon-12, Freon-22, carbon dioxide,…
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Features a variety of towing operations

Features a variety of towing operations.A set of facilities that allow a vessel to tow another floating object or itself to be taken in tow is a towing device. A towing device is necessary for each ship, but there is a need for vessels specially designed for towing operations and assisting ships when maneuvering them…
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Seagoing tug

Sea tugs. Modern tugboats perform a large number of different operations: porting vessels to the port from the port, towing cargo barges of lighters, moving ships inside the harbor area, rescue operations, towing of floating cranes and docks, etc. Accordingly, lifeguards, linear, many oceanic port and raid tugboats. The most important characteristics of tugboats are…
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