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Oil gear pump

Oil gear pump.Gear pumps with small dimensions , uniform oil supply , long service life and high reliability are the most widely used for low-pressure oil circulation system . These pumps can be driven directly from the motor ( non-reversible motors ) or independently driven by an electric motor ( reversible motors ) . In…
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Fuel pump

Fuel pump. The purpose of the fuel pump is to supply a certain amount of fuel under high pressure through the nozzle to the combustion chamber of the working cylinder . At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the constancy of the amount of fuel supplied for a certain duration and the established…
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Stoppers for anchor chains and anchors

Stoppers for anchor chains and anchors.For attaching the anchor chain during the stay of the ship at anchor and the temporary detention of the anchor chain when handling the camera is mounted stationary and portable stoppers. Stationary Stoppers they are used temporarily to detain the anchor chain when working with it.They are installed between the anchor…
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Volumetric piston and rock pumps

Volumetric piston and rock pumps.The principle of operation of the piston pump is to move the liquid (or gas ) under the action of the piston performing reciprocating motion . In this case, there is an alternation of two successive processes : suction and discharge . Suction is a process where the movement of the…
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Examples of aggregation of ship machines mechanisms and heat exchangers

Examples of aggregation of ship machines mechanisms and heat exchangers.Mechanisms and heat exchangers. Main turbo ° gear assembly. Currently, as a rule, is supplied to the shipbuilding yard for water in the form of the following main components: a gearbox, low, medium and high pressure turbines, a condenser. Auxiliary mechanisms and heat exchangers serving the…
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The concept of aggregation of marine equipment

The concept of aggregation of marine equipment. Regarding the creation of such equipment structures, when mechanisms, apparatus and devices that work together and are closely interconnected according to the nature of their operation, are assembled into one equipment and mounted on a common base frame or frame. The main condition for aggregation is high shop…
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Ship propulsion and their design

Ship propulsion and their design.Devices designed to create persistent pressure are perceived by the vessel, and are the root of the movement, are called propellers. There are propulsors of the evil species: lobed wheels, wing propellers, rpc6 screws, d. The propeller is a disk equipped with three or four vertical swivel blades located horizontally under…
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Main parts of crank mechanisms

Main parts of crank mechanisms.Krivoshinu – a nut-gear mechanism serves to convert the reciprocating motion of the piston into a rotary motion. Crankshaft and piogo shaft (in steam engines or in internal crane engines). In machines such as piston pumps, compressors, the crank-and-rod mechanism serves to convert the rotational motion of the crank shaft into…
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Anchor mechanisms

Anchor mechanisms.The following anchor mechanisms are used on sea vessels: anchors (half-brushes) anchor or anchor. mooring spiers and anchor – mooring winches. The anchor mechanisms serve to release the anchor and the anchor chain when the ship is anchored; anchoring the anchorage during anchorage; Anchoring – pulling the ship to the anchor, selecting the chain…
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