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Technology trends in shipping to watch out for in 2019

Industry momentum towards a new era of super-high efficiency, safety and environmental sustainability, is showing no signs of slowing down. Here we take a look at some of the technology trends that we are likely to hear a lot more about in the year ahead. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Early signs suggest that developments in Artificial…
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Prospects of development of gas turbine

Prospects of development of gas turbine. Significant! The advantages of gas turbine engines (GTE) in front of other types of main ship machinery contribute to their gradual introduction into shipbuilding. At present, the tallest ships in operation are the vessels for horse-drawn transport, equipped with a gas turbine engine with a capacity of 40,000 60,000…
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Active steering by the courts

Types and features of active control of vessels When maneuvering in a restricted area or navigating areas with navigational hazards, the requirements to the maneuverability of the ship substantially increase, while in these conditions the ship’s speed usually decreases and, accordingly, the efficiency of the rudder falls sharply. The ship’s controllability deteriorates with a decrease…
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Steam and gas extinguishing systems

      Head carbon dioxide cylinder with a double-seat valve,pilot piston and driven by a rope or roller 1-Safety membrane; 2-Coupling, connecting; 3-The piston signal; 4-Fitting for connection of safety pipeline; 5-Head body; 6-Trigger arm; 7-Push screw; 8-Valve body; 9-Guide bushing; 10-Swing arm; 11-The double-seat valve.  

Ship sanitary systems and special systems of tankers

Sanitary systems The seawater system, like the drinking and wash water system, is a domestic water supply system. Zabortnaya.tota is used for water irrigation, washing of toilet bowls, etc. Due to the aggressiveness of sea water, the pipelines of the system, diameters of which are 10-70 mm, are made of steel ovniki, copper, copper nickel,…
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Assembly of translational motion mechanisms and methods of accuracy tests

Assembly of translational motion mechanisms and methods of accuracy tests.Assembling the mechanisms of translational motion and methods of checking for accuracy The assembly begins with the installation of overlaid guides (if any). Beforehand, landing machines must be prepared on the machine bed by grinding or by “painting”. places for false guides. Then, fixing the guides…
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Placement of ship systems and pipelines

  Placement of ship systems and pipelines.The corresponding systems and pipelines of various liquids and gases flow (water, steam of fuel and oil, spent fuel, etc.). The trail of the system and the pipelines are, as it were, the ship’s nutrients and serve to ensure an uninterrupted slave of the power plant, as well as…
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Ship anchors ,the behavior of anchors on the ground

Ship anchors ,the behavior of anchors on the ground.Chapter  SHIPBOARD anchors  Behavior of anchors on the ground A modern ship’s anchor should form a group of requirements relating to the anchoring force of an anchor and its behavior on the ground. In accordance with this group of requirements, the anchor must have the greatest possible…
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