Examples of aggregation of ship machines mechanisms and heat exchangers


Examples of aggregation of ship machines mechanisms and heat exchangers.Mechanisms and heat exchangers. Main turbo ° gear assembly. Currently, as a rule, is supplied to the shipbuilding yard for water in the form of the following main components: a gearbox, low, medium and high pressure turbines, a condenser. Auxiliary mechanisms and heat exchangers serving the GT3A, 110- put 11 are mounted on the vessel regardless of the montage of the above mentioned ones. Assembly of the whole unit is usually not possible to carry out 11a to one frame due to pain! weight. In this regard, its loading 11a ship and installation are in parts At the same time the gearbox is installed.


They are placed along the theoretical axis of the shafting, and the turbines are centered on the gearbox. The laboriousness of the installation of modern rT3A is very significant, since many operations have to be performed manually, including in some cases, processing in one plane of the supporting surface fun. TIlpoDalliliIT3A. the gearbox. Nevertheless, the possibility of aggregating the exists; there are already 11 examples of the creation of such units. The figure shows the scheme mosh | with a temperature of 7,360 kW (10,000 hp), operating at a steam pressure of 4,500 / m2 11, temperature 460 ° C. In this unit, a two-stage gearbox 1, 3HH133KOro high pressure turbines 2, as well as a condenser 4 are assembled into one unit common bearing surface. The hulls of the are made sufficiently strong, which makes it possible to manufacture the shafts of turbines and gear wheels from one forging without fitting between it In the connections of the turbine with a condenser, lens compensators are used to reduce thermal deformations and straining.of the main turbine mechanisms is much simpler and faster than in the case of fixation of their main components on independent TaX foundations.

Auxiliary boiler

Main ship diesel installations. The aggregation of ship diesel engines, even of high power, is much easier to perform than the , since all diesel engines supporting auxiliary mechanisms and apparatus (filters, refrigerators, oil fuel pumps, temperature controllers, etc.) are usually mounted on the main mechanism, or set close to it. Thus, the aggregate installation of diesel engines of all brands can be carried out under the condition that their weight does not exceed the lifting capacity of the crane equipment available at the shipbuilding plant. Ship’s auxiliary mechanisms and installations. The number of assistants on modern large vessels sometimes exceeds one hundred units, therefore one of the most important tasks. the creation of complex mechanisms, which allow considerably the volume of ship premises In addition to ! The auxiliary mechanisms have significantly reduced their installation time on the ship. An important task is to aggregate various ship installations , which, together with their servicing mechanisms and pipelines, occupy a lot of space on the ship’s premises. installations can lead evaporator installation with electric heating, manufactured in the country foam factories with a capacity of 10-15 tons of water per day and used for the production of drinking water and boiler feed water. The installation is made in the form of a compact unit, all the nodes of which are mounted in a close frame of a closed valve on the ship foundation with only four bolts. Ship steam boilers. With regard to shipboard steam boilers, until recently, aggregation was difficult, because of the large size and weight, pedal rigidity of the hull, the need to perform masonry heating of boilers after installation on the vessel. At present, boilers of small steam capacity (up to 10 t / h). An example is an auxiliary boiler , in which a shield of automatic control of combustion and pit is mounted on the body and frame pumps, heat exchangers, fittings and all devices necessary for the boiler to operate deck mechanisms and devices. At present, the main components of deck mechanisms (for example, steering gears, double-deck are independent structures and are attached on various foundations, which complicates their installation, therefore, the aggregation of such mechanisms is of great interest and has already been carried out for some of them. So, for example, the designs of aggregate electric winches, no-tiered mooring , in which the electric motor is mounted inside the head of the spire, single bast rods mounted on a common base frame with the electric motor, aggregate electro-hydraulic, have been created steering machines, allowing them to be installed on the foundation of just eight bolts.