Ship anchors

Ship anchors ,the behavior of anchors on the ground


Ship anchors ,the behavior of anchors on the ground.Chapter  SHIPBOARD anchors  Behavior of anchors on the ground A modern ship’s anchor should form a group of requirements relating to the anchoring force of an anchor and its behavior on the ground. In accordance with this group of requirements, the anchor must have the greatest possible holding capacity at a given mass; it’s easy to quickly enter any grub; to have stability on the pear and keep it at the short end. ” That is, it retains its retaining force when the angle of the anchor canopy is increased by the spindle bracket; It is easy to separate from the grout when lifting. Part of the requirements relate to the operational quality of anchors and the features of their construction. In accordance with the group of requirements, the anchor should: be convenient for harvesting storage in the marching to have enough mass to overcome the resistance of the chain ellie in recoil.


Ship anchors

fit anchors

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