Location of the power plant on the ship

Location of the power plant on the ship

Ship power plant

Location of the power plant on the ship.Concepts about the power plant.The power plant is a complex of mechanisms, heat exchangers, devices and pipelines that ensure the movement of the vessel, its auxiliary needs ,as well as household needs of the team and passengers.The auxiliary needs of the vessel include: supply of steam and electricity to various auxiliary and deck mechanisms, loading and unloading, heating of residential, service and household appliances and radio stations, lighting of the vessel.

power plant

The nuclear-powered ship is considered to be the propulsion of a ship or a submarine with heat supply provided by a nuclear power plant. The electric station heats the water for the manufacture of a turbine Chet used to rotate the propeller of a ship through a reducer or through an electric generator and an engine. Naval nuclear engines are used on purpose in naval warships, these as supercars (see nuclear fleet). Was built quite not enough experienced civilian nuclear ships.

In comparison with ships operating on oil or coal fuel, nuclear engines possess the superiority of quite long intervals of work before refueling. All the fuel is in a nuclear reactor, as a consequence of this practically no space for cargo or supplies is taken up by fuel, neither space occupied by exhaust stacks nor combustion air inlets. However, the low price of fuel is compensated by the highest operating costs and investments in infrastructure, as a result, almost all nuclear vessels are considered military personnel.