Nuclear-powered ships
Vessel and its power plant

Features of classification of ships


Features of classification of ships.The ship is a complex engineering structure that can be held on the water and move in a certain direction at a certain speed.

The structure of the vessel as an engineering structure is determined by the design of its hull and rational placement of various mechanisms, equipment and cargo, as well as residential and office space.

All vessels, depending on their purpose, are divided into two main groups: military vessels or vessels belonging to the Navy and civilian vessels intended for transport and production purposes. The civil court is classified by the type of the main motor movement, by the nature of it moves on water, by design.

According to the type of the main engine of the vessel are divided into steamships (main engine-locomotive machine);

Features of classification of ships

Features of classification of ships

ships (internal combustion engine);


turbo engines (main engine-steam turbine);

Turbo moves

gas turbine engines (main engine-gas turbine unit);

gas turbine movements

Turbo electric passages and diesel electric drives (the main engine is a turbine or diesel, which drives an electric generator, the electric energy of which is transmitted to the propeller electric motor);

turbo electric movement


Nuclear vessels (the heat source is a nuclear reactor).

Nuclear ships